Nouveau wine, killdeer and spring peepers on the 13th Concession

Saturday April 3 at Villa Nova Estate. It was warm overnight and dawn came with birdsong and spring peepers. The killdeer have been back for about a week. Woodpeckers are nesting. Silver maples are in f;lower. We still have tundra swans occaisionally flying over.  Chamber’s Pancake House on Villa Nova Road  is still serving wonderful maple syrup & pancakes on the weekend.

In the vineyard we have a daunting challenge to get the vines pruned & tied. The year looks a lot better than this time last year, as we had experienced some very cold weather last winter. In the nursery we are starting grape vine cuttings.

In the winery, it is bottling time. We hope to be able to put some Vidal 09, Chambourcin 08, Rose 08, Lucy Kuhlman 09  and cerise on the shelves by the end of April. Aenigma White 09 and Mystery of HRIO to follow.

The Norfolk Food and Drink festival is at the “Aud” on the Norfolk Fairgrounds on April 23 & 24.  I understand that there will be 4 wineries, 3 micro-breweries and one martinin bar sandwiched between food booths with great South Coast cuisine. We hope to see you there!


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